Add to Playlist

Add to Playlist is a four-part video series on Singapore’s alternative music scene and its impact on culture, music and identity.

I served as executive producer of the series with Not Safe for TV (NSFTV) head Tan Hui Er, in collaboration with the team at Esplanade running Baybeats this year.

In this role, I led the direction of research, maintained budgets, established workflows, and set editorial standards for the series.

Here are the four stories of Add to Playlist.

Episode 1: A Culture

Director: Keith Goh
Producer: Amirah Haris
Editor: Marcel Chang

Episode 2: A Voice

Director: Jonathan Chow
Producer: Jessica Novia
Editor: Amiel Song

Episode 3: A Person

Director: Corrine Goh
Producer: Juliana Lye
Editor: Elaine Chai

Episode 4: A Movement

Director: Adeline Ong
Producer: Ng Hui Ching
Editor: Amiel Song

Series Team

Executive Producers: Jeremy Ho, Tan Hui Er
APs/Researchers: Iman Izzati, Alyssa Izzati, Pui Qian Hui
Series Graphics: Seet Yan Shan, Iman Izzati, Ashley Wong