While You Were Sleeping

While You Were Sleeping – The Documentary (2021) picks up on photographer Darren Soh’s earlier work in his books While … More

Failing the Dance

I served as DP under Charmaine Poh as film director, and as part of a bigger team to bring to … More

What Can Poetry Be

Together with the publication of Pierre Vinclair’s book, Hold The Line, for Singapore Writers Festival 2020, we ask poets across … More

Creatives for Aid

While not a media project, Creatives for Aid turned out to be the most meaningful thing I worked on in … More

Street Food: Singapore

For this series on Street Food in Asia, I served as the local production fixer for the Singapore episode.

Living by Night

As part of Kathmandu Inside:Out, a photography programme by Edwin Koo, I photographed a series called Living by Night.

Running On Empty

A documentary produced in collaboration with Ethos Books for Running on Empty, a book on UK Shyam, and the history … More

Workman Diaries: Seoul

In Seoul, Korea, we meet a top university graduate struggling to find employment, a young mother trying to balance long … More