#COVID-19 The Social Media Pandemic

Serving under Tiffany Ang and Chan Tau Chou as assistant producer and researcher, we covered how the world was grappling with the information explosion on social media in tandem with the pandemic.

Unlike a typical documentary, fieldwork was conducted entirely in front of my computer. I created and maintained a news and social media content database on Airtable which amounted to 900+ entries in the 6 week span of this project, also tracking access permissions of 160+ potential contributors and profiles.

I charted trends and reactions internationally with WHO Sitreps, Google Trends, Baidu Index, Naver DataLab, Twitter hashtags and CrowdTangle, writing case reports on government crisis responses, societal reactions, and public sentiments and behaviour.

I also maintained workflows to gather and file user generated content on Dropbox, such that I didn’t meet my producers physically at all during the course of the project.

The documentary was released on CNA on 18 May 2020.

Watch: #COVID-19: The Social Media Pandemic