Living by Night

As part of Kathmandu Inside:Out, a photography programme by Edwin Koo, I photographed a series called Living by Night.


As Kathmandu calls it a night, 30-year-old Shiva ‘Sheshir’ Magar prepares to start his day.

He’s got the usual menu – eggs, noodles, cigarettes and tea and bottled water in his makeshift stall as he waits for regulars who enter Kathmandu Valley in the wee hours – their trucks laden with vegetables for the Kalimati Vegetable Market.

A native of the rural district of Dhading, Sheshir is one of the many returnees from the Middle East, who want to explore opportunities in the country after surviving terrible work conditions in the Gulf.

He started his stall two years ago and hopes to rent a shutter someday, as he toils the night – day in, day out.

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