Copywriting and Creativity

Advertising Creativity and Copywriting is a module where we tackle a simulated client brief every week. This is my work.


1. Pick a branded product available in Singapore.
2. Write a good reason for buying it.
3. Visualise it on an A4 sheet.
4. Use no words if possible, or no more than 3 words plus the brand name.



1. Explore layout ideas for an ad to appear in a Good Food or Good Housekeeping magazine to promote the consumption of a particular fruit. 2. You choose the fruit. Use combinations of words and/or visuals to make this fruit desirable.



1. Pick a mechanical device, one that you admire and know something about.
2. Write a print advertisement to persuade other students to buy it.
3. It should be a copy-dominant ad, with pictorial content not more than 40% of your A4 sheet.


Brief (in short)

1. Differentiate the MaritimeONE scholarships from scholarships offered by the other industries.
2. The printed advertisement is to be featured in Teenage magazine.

For this assignment, the school collaborated with the Singapore Maritime Foundation and made it an advertisement challenge. The goal of the advertisement was to generate greater awareness about the MaritimeONE scholarships among youth. Some points in the project brief included highlighting the various shore-based or seafaring opportunities on offer.


The illustrations are by my sister Joy Ho. In large thanks to her, my entry won first prize. :)