Before It All Goes

In conjunction with Darren Soh’s solo exhibition at Objectifs about the disappearance of our post-independence architecture, I co-produced a 20-minute documentary to go deeper into the tensions behind these buildings’ gradual disappearances, beyond Darren Soh’s photos and captions. We talk to residents of a Tanglin Halt HDB flat, a homeowner of Pearl Bank Apartments condominium, and commercial tenants of Golden Mile Tower.

Produced by: Darren Soh, Run & Gun Media
Director: Jeremy Ho
Assistant Camera: Amirah Haris, Lee Yu En, Stefanus Ian
Drone Operator: Wei Xiang Lim
Architecture Photos: Darren Soh
Additional Timelapse Photography: Yeo Wee Han
Editors: Amirah Haris, Jeremy Ho
Timelapse Post Processing: Tripeaks Imagery
Transcription: Lee Yu En, Goh Jia Ling, Adora Tan, Tan Heng Ning